Club Management Focus: Autumn 2019

The 2020/2021 Members' Diary

Don't forget, from 2020, if members wish to receive a copy of the diary they will need to opt in. Please can you remind all of your members of this, and help them to update their details, as per the below, where necessary.

The best and easiest way for members to opt-in is by changing the setting on their account on MyEBU. Click on 'account' in the top right corner, select 'My details', and then in the 'account setting' section of the page, under the magazine/diary preference option use the drop down list to choose the preferred setting.

We believe this is the environmentally and financially responsible action to take in order to eliminate waste. However, if your members do still wish to receive the diary, then please ask them to opt in and we will be very happy to send one to them.