Club Focus: Summer 2010

Club Committee News

by Graham Jepson

The Interim Club Committee of eight volunteers from the English regions has for the last two years been involved with helping all English bridge clubs through the English Bridge Union's transition to Universal Membership and financing through Pay-to-Play (P2P), which came into effect on 1 April 2010. Many thanks to all the Committee's members.

We extend a warm welcome to all the newly-affiliated clubs and the new EBU members. To any affiliated club experiencing IT difficulties we hope you are beginning to sort them out and are now on top of any administrative changes, but please be assured that help is available if you need it – see below. Things will become much easier for Club treasurers as the new system becomes established, especially for those clubs paying P2P by direct debit. Most club players will have noticed no differences in their club sessions.

Universal EBU membership to all affiliated-club members is exactly what it says – so no more trouble for event organisers as to eligibility of players to play, etc. (Those players without a local affiliated club they can join, can become direct members of the EBU by paying an annual fee which at present is £23.) New events for new players/new EBU members will no doubt be arranged at County level, and the EBU has already planned a new week-long Club Simultaneous Pairs in March 2011.

By the end of 2011 a new National Club Committee is to be set up with possibly 5 regional club committees to aid its function and to be an ear for suggestions/constructive criticisms at Club level. Any club player, preferably with experience of running a club or similar organisation, who is interested in becoming a representative for their county on such a group, should inform their County as soon as possible. Counties, of course, also continue to have their voices heard at the EBU Shareholder meetings.

The EBU is here to help every county, affiliated club and individual member in their bridge activities in whatever way possible – please be patient with the changes.

If your club or county cannot help you sort out a bridge problem feel free to contact the EBU Club Liaison Officer Krys or myself Graham Jepson or indeed your local regional representative (see list below).

Good luck with your finesses

Graham Jepson
EBU Board of Directors
Chairman of the Interim Club Committee