Club Focus: Summer 2010

Bridge Education: A New Way Forward

by Suzanne Gill

The new era at the EBU is a new opportunity to revitalise the membership in our clubs. The major long term pathway for this is through bridge education. I hope you are already aware that the EBU is offering to each club a club teacher package as a means of starting off this process. This process in now well under way and clubs have taken up this offer with a view to running new teaching programmes from September.

The EBU is now turning its attention to bridge education at county level. The Education Working Group, EWG, has been set up to help identify current practice and develop bridge education throughout each county. It is doing research into identifying activities within counties which could attract new players into bridge and support those which already exist.

The EWG is currently meeting with all the county officers in area groupings. This process will take place until the end of November. A questionnaire and discussion forum is being used to find out what assistance may be needed from the EBU to help counties support and extend educational development within their area. The EWG would like to help counties identify their requirements for a county education officer. It would also like to identify the possible role for a new Education Officer at the EBU. Analysis of the research will be presented to the EBU Board in the spring of 2011.

The EWG is very appreciative of all the support from the counties it so far has received. As club managers you can contribute to your county bridge education and keep abreast of developments such as teacher forums.

This is an important piece of research which it is hoped will give us all new insights and understanding to implement, support and extend bridge development in each county.

Suzanne Gill
Chair, Education Working Group