Club Focus: Summer 2010

EBU Autumn Simultaneous Pairs

by Anna Gudge

Simultaneous Pairs are always great fun and enjoyable events with club members competing against those from other clubs all around the country. Those members who do well win a good number of masterpoints and the excellent commentary booklet allows players to learn how they might or might not have played or bid a hand better.

The EBU Simultaneous Pairs are run by ECats Bridge, and the scores go up on the ECats website as soon as they come in. It can be quite fascinating to see how the scores and positions change as more and more clubs upload their results.

This year the EBU Autumn Sims will be held on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th September.

If your club would like to take part, email with the following information:

a) Your club name and EBU club number
b) The name and address of the person to receive the package
c) A contact telephone number
d) The number of tables the club anticipates (so Anna can send you enough booklets)

If your club has not played in a Sim Pairs before, why not give it a try? If it has, we are sure you will want to enter this one.

More information about Sim Pairs is available on the ECats website

Anna Gudge