Club Committee News
by Graham Jepson

The EBU Interim Club Committee (ICC), formed a couple of years ago, has helped Clubs with the transition to Universal Membership through Pay-to-Play. Its work is now nearly over. By the autumn of 2011 there will be an elected National Club Committee, supported by five Regional Club Committees, which will take over from the Interim Committee. Each Regional Club Committee will include one representative from each county liaising with Club Affairs Representatives from each of the clubs and keeping both them and the Regional and National Committees informed of bridge club issues in their areas.

It is pleasing to report that nearly all clubs' IT problems have been solved, with clubs having found the transition smoother than expected and the online management system easy to use. Club Treasurers' work has also been reduced, especially for those clubs who choose to pay by Direct Debit.

The EBU has arranged for affiliated clubs to be provided with software which produces computer dealt hands which can be printed out as curtain cards and hand records for those clubs which do not have access to dealing machines. Please see the article on Free Computer Dealt Hands elsewhere in this issue of Club Focus.

Club websites have kept their members informed of club matters even if a member has not been at the club for a while (much better than in my early club days), with results produced electronically and frequently on the website even before members have returned home.

As ever, keep Krys or myself informed of any constructive suggestions that clubs might benefit from. Krys is currently working on a Club Management Handbook which will bring together in one publication best practice for bridge clubs. For more details see the article elsewhere in this Club Focus.

Have a happy festive season and may all your finesses in 2011 work - unless you are playing against me!

Graham Jepson
EBU Board of Directors
Chairman of the Interim Club Committee