Introduction to the new Club Management Handbook
by Krys and Matt

With over 600 EBU affiliated clubs around the country there is a vast storehouse of knowledge on how to run a successful bridge club. The EBU has therefore been tapping into this reservoir in order to bring together in one place ideas on best practice for managing a bridge club. It is expected that the resultant Club Management Handbook (CMH) will be available to affiliated clubs in the first half of 2011.

The areas covered will include everything from How to publicise your Bridge Club and How to deal with Slow Play to Club Etiquette and How to organise a Club Weekend Away — and much more.

In this issue of Club Focus we have included the draft of the section from the CMH on How to write a Press Release here.

In keeping with the EBU's policy of reducing costs and paper waste, the CMH will be made available to affiliated clubs in an electronic format only.

If you have any suggestions for subjects you would like covered that we might not already have thought of, please email Krys on

Krys and Matt