by Matt Betts

The EBU has launched a funded scheme to bring Minibridge into the primary school classroom over the next three years. This has been made possible since our Youth and Education charitable trust received a donation from the Milton Damerel Trust.

Minibridge 4 to 9 is aimed at children in years 4 to 9 and sometimes below (i.e. those aged from 8 to 13 years, and age 7). This game can be taught by teachers who are not bridge experts (and in many instances are new to the game themselves) following some in-service training with the help of the easy-to-use instructional CD provided. It includes all the aspects of point count, play and defence.

The various skills attained by children learning and playing Minibridge 4 to 9 have been fully mapped to the National Strategy targets in English and Mathematics in the National Curriculum up to and including Level 4.

We are working very hard to get recognition for this project on government level and recently organised a very successful visit of Pembury School to the House of Lords.

If your club knows any local schools that would be interested in taking part, or you could offer your bridge club as a possible venue for an event, please contact Matt Betts on

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