Scorer's Corner

Simultaneous Pairs Events

First things first — when you participate in a Sim Pairs event organised by ECATS, you need to submit a file to ECATS for the overall scoring, but you still also need to submit the P2P file via the EBU website as normal. Please remember to ensure that all your players have their EBU numbers stored in the player database within your scoring program. If EBU numbers are incorrect or missing when you submit results to ECATS, then these players will not receive any Master Points due to them based on global results, which is unfair on those players that have submitted their details to the club in good faith.

We’ve recently had the ‘Children in Need’ Simultaneous Pairs. This is an event for which the EBU has waived the Pay2Play fee for participating clubs. Nevertheless, a P2P file should still be submitted so that Master Points can be awarded based on local results.

We have had a number of clubs asking us how they submit their file on a fee-exempt basis. If you use ScoreBridge, then the charge rate can be amended in the Event Profile Screen. This is the first window that appears when you create a new event, where you enter the name and type of the event. Or, if you’ve already scored the event, you can return to the Event Profile screen by selecting the event from the Events List screen (the first screen that you see when you run ScoreBridge), and clicking on ‘Change Event Profile’ on the right hand side. In the bottom right hand corner of this screen, there is a box labelled ‘EBU P2P charge rate’, and here you need to select the ‘exempt’ option. (This may not work properly if you have an old version of ScoreBridge — please make sure that you have the latest upgrade.)

Please mark your event as being exempt before you upload your P2P file via the Members Area. Once it is uploaded, you don’t have the facility online to change this setting. If you have already uploaded, then you can contact us to have the setting changed, provided that you have not been invoiced already for the event! Please quote the session ID (found in the sessions list) when querying a session.