Bridge England Simultaneous Pairs
by Simon Cochemé

The Bridge England Simultaneous Pairs on Tuesday 8 February 2011 will raise funds for the English national teams. The money will be used to provide support for our Camrose and Lady Milne teams, as well as others.

The event is being organised by ECats Bridge, and green points will awarded on the normal EBU scale.

The commentary on the 32 boards will be shared by eight top international players, including many World and European Champions: Sally Brock, David Burn, Heather Dhondy, Paul Hackett, Sandra Landy, Andrew Robson, Nevena Senior and Tom Townsend.

If your club would like to take part, email with the following information:

a) Your club name and EBU club number
b) The name and address of the person to receive the package
c) A contact telephone number
d) The number of tables the club anticipates (so Anna can send you enough booklets)

If your club has not played in a Sim Pairs before, why not give it a try? If it has, we are sure you will want to enter this one.

More information about Sim Pairs is available on the ECats website

Simon Cochemé