Club Focus: Spring 2011


It is my pleasure to introduce the third edition of our new Club Focus especially produced for those involved in running our affiliated bridge clubs. Please do ensure that all of your committee members, scorers and TDs are circulated with the link to this issue.

Charity work is something that is dear to the hearts of many of our community. In this Club Focus our spotlight falls on two clubs which highlight different aspects of charity work. Hitchin Bridge Club was recently the first bridge club in England to be granted charitable status by the Charities Commissioners. Margaret Eddleston explains why Hitchin applied and the advantages that charitable status brings. Sobell Bridge Club was founded to raise funds for a local charity. Its symbiosis with the Sobell Trust and the enthusiasm of its members has seen the club go from strength to strength – Doug Edmonds elucidates.

We also feature items on what to do when someone leaves the club (Scorers’ Corner), what to look for in new premises, a special quiz for your club members from Brian Lippard, updates on the NGS and Stratification, as well as our regular Club Committee News, Bridge Movements for Clubs and a new Bridgoku puzzle from Miselda.

We are always looking for ideas and articles for Club Focus. If you would like us to run a feature on something in particular, or your club has an outstandingly successful event or way of doing things, please drop Matt and Krys a line at

Until next time, enjoy your bridge.

Sally Bugden, Chairman EBU