Club Focus: Spring 2011

Scorers' Corner

Club Membership Management

"Joe Bloggs has been a member of our club for several months; when we upload our results, his name and EBU number are accepted; but he says that he’s not getting his magazine!"

There are two likely reasons for this: The first possibility is that when Joe was registered as a club member, he was registered as ‘anonymous’; or perhaps the club administrator ticked the box ‘doesn’t want the magazine’, or even failed to provide a (valid) address.

But equally likely is that the club never told the EBU that he was a club member! He may have an EBU record (either as a member from some time ago, or having been registered as a ‘potential member’), but unless he is registered as a full EBU member, he won’t receive a magazine.

Remember that adding the player to your own player database - in the scoring program or elsewhere - does not automatically register the player as a club member with the EBU. He needs to be added to your online membership list via the Members Area.

It really is quite simple: when you log on to the club’s page, you will see a list of registered club members on the right hand side. Above this list is a ‘plus’ button. Click on this to register Joe Bloggs as a club member. You are next given two options ‘Try to find an existing EBU record’ or ‘Create brand new EBU record’.

You should always click on ‘Try to find an existing EBU record’ first - if you know his EBU number you can use that, or you can search by his surname for an existing record.

You should only click on ‘Create brand new EBU record’ after you have checked that the player doesn’t already have a record. Please don’t just assume this - we have enough trouble already with clubs creating duplicate records!

When a player ceases to be a club member:

If, for example, a player moves away, or leaves your club for any other reason, you should remove that player from your membership list. From the aforementioned list on right-hand side of the club’s page of the Members Area, double click on the player’s name. The player’s personal record appears. On the top left of this page is a ‘red cross’ button. Click on this to ‘unregister’ the player as a club member.

If a player dies, please inform the EBU. This may save us from causing distress to their family by continuing to send a magazine, etc. Once the EBU marks a member as deceased, they will automatically be removed from your membership list.