3-way tie in first online monthly competition.

The first of the new monthly competitions for the EBU online games has ended in a three-way tie.

sephcat, evemh and diana_eva all finished on 1.56, with diana_eva winning the final game to join the others at the top. They will share the first and second place prizes with each receiving BB$10.

The next competition will start tomorrow - the first day of March. The player who accumulates the most BBO Master Points in our games in each calendar month will receive BB$20. Second place will receive BB$10, with prizes being split in the event of a tie. The competition is open to everyone, including non-EBU members and those overseas, and hopefully gives an added incentive to those who play infrequently, or are thinking of playing for the first time.

As well as competing for the monthly prize you can also try to move up the overall point winners list (there is no prize for this, but the kudos is certainly significant) and you can earn EBU Master Points.

Games are played on Bridge Base Online on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm, Saturday at 4pm (with IMPs scoring), and Sunday at 4pm, 6pm and 9pm