Radio play on Reese/Schapiro 'cheating scandal'

BBC Radio 4 will broadcast a play on Wednesday 2nd April at 2:15pm which centres on the Reese/Schapiro 'cheating scandal' of 1965.

For those unfamiliar with the event, the BBC offers the following summary:

In 1965, at the World Bridge Championships in Buenos Aires, the American team led by Dorothy Hayden observed Britain's top players, Terence Reese and Boris Schapiro, using finger signals during bidding. Hayden cracked the code: the British pair were signalling the number of cards they held in their hearts suits. Ralph Swimer, Britain's non-playing Captain, was informed. He observed his team playing and confirmed Hayden's suspicions. They reported their findings to the World Bridge Federation. Reese and Schapiro were summoned to defend the accusations and chose to remain silent. The WBF found them guilty of cheating. Swimer conceded the championship on behalf of Great Britain. Reese and Schapiro returned to London, their international reputations destroyed.

But for the four participants, the drama had only just begun. The British Bridge Federation (sic) set up its own inquiry under Sir John Foster QC who imposed a criminal burden of proof; the prosecution was required to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

Playwright, Deborah Davis, picks up the story as the case unfolds and the battle for the truth begins.

There is also an extensive article on the subject by Richard Fleet in the June 2004 issue of Bridge Plus which can be read via the link below.