Brighton Hub and Forum

The Brighton Summer Meeting is less than three months away, so hopefully you are planning your trip to the South coast for sun, sea and small slams.

We have two resources which will hopefully help you make the most of your trip to Brighton. The Brighton Discussion Group is a forum in which you can ask questions about the congress, get advice on parking, share tips on restaurants, and try to find partners or team mates for our events. Wendy has set the ball rolling for 2014, and is looking for a partner.

We also have the Brighton Hub. During the congress this will have results, photos and articles, but over the next few months it will provide a summary of the travel, accommodation and tourist information.

For the full congress schedule, and entry information, please visit the event webpage.

If you have any questions, or have any advice to pass on, please share it with us, and let's make Brighton brilliant.