England win gold in World Mind Games

England's Women's team has won the gold medal at the World Mind Games in Beijing.

In a dramatic final the lead changed hands multiple times in the final set, and England started the final board trailing by 4 IMPs. Then in one room the England pair made game, and in the other the Dutch pair stayed in a partscore, so the lead changed hands for a final, decisive time, and England had won by 3 IMPs. You can read more in the report on the event website.

Congratulations to the team of Heather Dhondy & Nevena Senior; Sally Brock & Nicola Smith; Fiona Brown & Catherine Draper.

In the pairs event which followed the leading English pair was Nevena and Heather in seventh.

The event, which is organised by SportAccord, the organisation for both Olympic and non-Olympic international sports federations, concludes with an individual competitions across the next two days.

Matches can be watched on Bridge Base Online. The hours of play are available on the BBO Vugraph schedule.

Thanks to Anna Gudge for the picture.