Irens team wins Teltscher Trophy trials

The trials for the Teltscher Trophy, the 'Senior Camrose', were won by the team of Nick Irens, Tony Forrester, David Kendrick, Norman Selway and Brian Senior.

The trials took place Friday 19th to Sunday 21st December 2014, at the West Midlands Bridge Club, Solihull, and the competition was very tight, with the Irens team winning by only 0.28 VPs, and only sixteen VPs covering all six teams.

The Procter team (Robert Procter, Michael Robinson, Bob Holder, Phil Thornton) led after the third and fourth rounds, but a narrow defeat, coupled with a large win for the Irens team, saw the Irens team take victory by an overall margin that amounted to the equivalent of little more than one or two IMPs.

The Teltscher Trophy weekend takes place in Ireland on 15th-17th May 2015.