England retain Junior Camrose & Peggy Bayer trophies

The England junior teams were once again dominant in the annual home international series which took place in Wales at the weekend. The Under-25s in the Junior Camrose were run close by Scotland in the first half, but pulled away with a strong second half to win by 19 VPs. In the Peggy Bayer, the Under-20s won every match, mostly by large amounts, to finish up 28 VPs ahead of second-placed Ireland. Congratulations to both teams.

Junior Camrose: Shivam Shah & Tom Paske, Toby Nonnenmacher & Michael Alishaw, James Paul & Alex Roberts with NPC Jon Cooke.

Peggy Bayer: Freddie Illingworth & Ben Norton, Nick Dean & Sam Behrens, Laura Covill & Stephen Kennedy with NPC Michael Byrne.