Byrne team wins Online Knockout

The National Online Knockout Championships has been won by the team led by Michael Byrne. (Hugh Mcgann, Kieran Dyke, Fiona Brown, with Ed Jones and Tommy Garvey in earlier matches).

They faced the team of Pottage (Julian Pottage/Pat Shields, Johnny Richards and father Simon Richards and Mike Pownall and Richard Plackett) over 32 boards played on June 4th over 4 sets of 8.

In set one team Byrne took an early lead of 16 imps aided by the right siding of a game on the first board but set two saw Pottage strike back thanks to a well timed psyche by Plackett which picked off an enemy slam.

However after that Byrne turned up the heat and won the 3rd set 23-0 to lead by 25. Pottage bravely fought on but again were whitewashed in the final set losing 22-0.

The final was played in good spirits and saw a varied international flavour. Many of team Pottage represent Wales, and members of team Byrne were from and have represented Australia, Ireland and England.

The final of the consolation plate competition will take place later this month.

The Online Knockout runs annually from January to June. Entries for the 2016 competition will open in the autumn.