Omar Sharif: 1932 - 2015

The EBU is sad to learn of the passing of Omar Sharif.

Mr Sharif was not only a great actor, but one of the most famous bridge players and one of the greatest advocates of the game. He once famously said "Acting is my living, but bridge is my passion.”

In 1967 he formed the "Omar Sharif Bridge Circus" which toured the world playing exhibition matches with, and against, some of the leading players of the time. In his prime he was considered by some to be one of the top ten players in the world. He also co-authored newspaper columns and books, and licensed his name to bridge computer games and apps, becoming possibly the most recognised face in the bridge world, both amongst players and the general public.

He took part in a number of events in England during his bridge career, including the Easter Congress and Spring Foursomes, and is cited by many bridge players as the opponent, or partner, that they most remember, or would most like to have.

He passed away in Cairo, aged 83.