Under 15s 4th in European Championships

The England Under 15 team has finished 4th in the 25th European Youth Team Championships.

The team was formed only six months ago, so this represents an excellent result for players making their international debuts. They won eight of their eleven matches, and finished only 9 VPs behind the gold medal winning Polish team - which they beat convincingly on the first day.

Congratulations to Daniel Winter & Jack Ronayne, Liam Sanderson & Isaac Channon, Harry Madden & Oscar Selby, NPC Paul Barden and Coach David Bakhshi, and to the coaches and volunteers who helped them to prepare for the tournament.

Their results were:

Sweden - 6.48 Hungary - 15.38 Poland - 15.56 6th after Day 1
France 3.42 Ireland - 12.00 Israel - 15.74 6th after Day 2
Netherlands - 8.24 Germany - 19.85 Czech Republic - 13.97 5th after Day 3
Scotland - 15.92 Norway - 17.85 - 4th overall