Junior awards presented at Summer Meeting

At the Summer Meeting EBU Chairman Jeremy Dhondy made the presentation of awards relating to junior bridge.

The Tom Bradley Award, presented to a non-teacher who has made a significant contribution to the teaching of junior bridge, was awarded to Dave & Jill Armstrong from Sussex.

The Alec Salisbury Award, presented to a teacher who has made a significant contribution to promoting bridge in their school and the local area, was awarded to Amy Huber of Carshalton High School for Girls in Surrey.

These two awards are given in conjunction with English Bridge Education and Development, and are based on suggestions from EBU members. If you know of a person who has done something exceptional for Junior Bridge and you think worthy of one of these awards, please write to simon@ebedcio.org.uk

The Young Pair of the Year was awarded to Tom Paske & Graeme Robertson following their bronze medal in the European Championships.

The John Armstrong Award was presented to Sarah O'Connor in recognition of her work with the newly established Under 15 squad.