Senior team wins Crockfords Cup; Miller team wins Plate

The finals of the Crockfords Cup and Crockfords Plate took place on 5th & 6th September in Birmingham.

The Cup was won by the team of Brian Senior, Sandra Penfold (both Yorkshire), Nevena Senior (Middlesex), Alex Hydes (London), & Ed Jones (Oxfordshire). This is the second victory in the competition for Brian (1982) and Alex (2006), and the first for Sandra, Ed and Nevena. They finished on 94 VPs, seven ahead of the team of Alexander Allfrey, Andrew McIntosh (both Middlesex), Tony Forrester (Herefordshire), David Gold, David Bakhshi, & Andrew Robson (all London).

The Plate competition was won by the team of Robert Miller, Daniel Baines, Jim Deacon, Mark Tilley & Chris Wormleighton (all Northamptonshire) (picture). They finished 9 VPs ahead of Jeremy Baker, James Guiton, Fred Hotchen, Richard Hyde, Alister McDonald, & John Sherringham (all Hants & IOW).

The Crockfords Cup is England's premier knockout competition for teams of four. The Plate competition is for those unseeded teams who lose their first match. More information can be seen on the event webpage. Entries for the 2015/16 competition close on Thursday - to take part please enter online, or contact the competitions department on 01296 317203 or via