England's teams finish 3rd & 5th in European Champions Cup

The team representing England have finished in 3rd & 5th places in the European Champions Cup. The event was successfully hosted by the EBU at Horwood House near Milton Keynes.

This is an annual competition for the national club champions from the top 10 countries in the previous European Championship, plus the holders and a team from the host nation. England was therefore represented by two teams.

The EBU team of Simon Gillis, Tom Hanlon, Zia Mahmood, Boye Brogeland, Espen Lindqvist & Erik Saelensminde won the bronze medal. The England team of Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, David Gold, & Mike Bell, David Bakhshi won the playoff for 5th place.

The EBU would like to thank Simon Gillis both for his support of this event and also for bringing such a diverse and talented team to enhance the event.

More information is available here, or on the EBL event website.