Oram team retains the Gerard Faulkner Salver

The Gerard Faulkner Salver, for the Seniors Knockout Competition, has been retained by the team of Derek Oram, Celia Oram, Alan Kay (all Herts) & Jeremy Dhondy (Hants & IOW).

The final of the 2014/15 competition took place on 31st October, the Oram team facing Rob Lawy, Trevor Ward (both Avon), Kevin Elstow & Chris Mooney (both Berks & Bucks).

The Lawy team started well and led by 20 IMPs after 8 boards, and by nine at half time (24 boards). The fourth set proved decisive when the Oram team piled on 33 IMPs to lead by 24, which was the final margin of victory despite a swingy last 16 boards (10 out of 16 boards had a swing of 6 IMPs or more). The match was played in good spirits but was very keenly contested throughout.

The 2015/16 competition is underway. To take part in 2016/17 please enter in Spring 2016.