Littlewood/Musson & Oram team win main prizes at Seniors Congress

The Seniors Congress has taken place in Birmingham, with victories for Frank Littlewood & David Musson (both Yorkshire) (pictured left) in the Championship Pairs, and the Oram team in the Swiss Teams.

The Championship Pairs began with two qualifying rounds, with the top twenty pairs contesting the A final, and the next twenty playing in the B final. Frank & David won the A final with a score of 55.56%, narrowly ahead of Greer MacKenzie & Hastings Campbell (both Northern Ireland) in second (55.46%), and Mike Huggins & Irene Robinson (both Avon) in third (55.26%). The B final was won by Patrick Collins (Kent) & Andrew Petrie (Lancashire) (pictured here). The Swiss Pairs competition, for those knocked out of the Championship Pairs or only joining the congress on Saturday, was won by Frank Wright & Nicky Adamson (Kent) (pictured here).

The Swiss Teams event was won by the team of Derek Oram, Celia Oram, Alan Kay (all Herts) & Jeremy Dhondy (Hants & IOW) (pictured here). They won six of their seven matches to finish on 102 VPs. The 2010 winners, Patrick Collins, Andrew Petrie, Alan Nelson & Kath Nelson (both Manchester), also won six matches, and defeated the Oram team, but only scored enough to finish second, 5 VPs behind.