Take part in the Bridge England Sim Pairs and support our junior teams

The Bridge England Sim Pairs takes place on 2nd & 3rd February, with proceeds helping to support our junior international teams. We hope you will take part.

The Under 25s and Under 15s will be playing in the World Youth Team Championships in Italy in August - the Under 15s having qualified in their first ever international competition. By supporting this sim you help the EBU provide them with the opportunity not only to participate, but also to get in the practice and coaching necessary to perform at the highest level. The players are very grateful for your support in helping them achieve their best, and we hope you will take pride in their results.

Please participate at one of the clubs which is holding a heat, or even better encourage your club to hold a heat. More information on how clubs can take part, plus a list of registered clubs, is available on the Sim Pairs page of the website.