English players win silver at EBL European Winter Games

Congratulations to Andrew Black, Gunnar Hallberg, Phil King, Andrew McIntosh, Willie Whittaker, and Swede Peter Berthau, who won the silver medal at the 1st European Winter Games. They are pictured receiving their medals from EBL officials (picture from the EBL facebook site).

The English/Swedish team was seeded 15th, and were underdogs in the final against the Monegasque/Polish Zimmerman team, but held a narrow lead at one point during the final session. The favourites came through in the end, however, winning 131-109. Congratulations to the Black team on their medals.

The B Final of the Point-a-Board (BAM) event was won by the team captained by Mike Bell and including David Gold, Kevin Castner and Marion Robertson. They were joined by Ukrainian's Volodymyr Dragan and Volodymyr Porkhun (some of the team are pictured here).

Other English players were involved in the event, and you can see their results on the EBL website. The event was organised by the European Bridge League and took place in Monaco from 5th to 11th February.