Record entry for Master Pairs - and still chance to enter

We have a record entry for the Masters Pairs, which will be held at various venues around the country on 28th February, and there is still space at all venues.

The event is for everyone below the rank of Regional Master. This is therefore an ideal event for lower ranked players as they will only be playing against players of a similar ranking. To see all the eligible ranks and the different venues, and for more details on the competition, visit the event webpage. Those of a higher ranking should enter one of the Ranked Masters Pairs events, held 27th-28th February in Birmingham.

If you have received a landmark promotion in 2014 or 2015 then you can play in the Masters Pairs or Ranked Masters for free.

To enter contact the competitions department: 01296 317203 or Alternatively enter through the members area of the website. Please enter in advance for all venues.