Alishaw & Kennedy top National Pairs qualifiers

Junior internationals Michael Alishaw (London) & Stephen Kennedy (Sussex) topped the list of qualifiers in the National Pairs Regional Finals which took place on Sunday 13th March.

The heats took place at nine locations around the country, and Michael and Stephen, who played at Patcham BC in Brighton, led the field with 64.47% when scored across all venues. Edward Leatham & Nick Forrest (both Wilts), who played at Bristol BC, were second, with John Holland & Tony Coley (both Manchester), who played at Bradford BC, finishing third.

The top fifty pairs will compete in the National Final which will take place on 16th & 17th April.

In addition to the national scores, each venue was assigned to a region, and scores were calculated within that region for the purpose of awarding regional trophies. Those winners were:

Region Name Venue
Northern Region Clive Owen & Damian Hassan (both North East) Bradford
Midlands Region Aleksandar Lishkov (Oxon) & Mike Wenble (Berks & Bucks) Solihull
South East Region Michael Alishaw (London) & Stephen Kennedy (Sussex) Patcham
South West Region Edward Leatham & Nick Forrest (both Wilts) Bristol
Eastern Region Paul Barden & Jon Cooke (both Cambs & Hunts) Peterborough