Ireland win 2016 Corn Cairdis match

The annual Irish-English Friendly, for the Corn Cairdis (Cup of Friendship), took place 7th - 8th May at the delightful Monument Bridge Club in Limerick. Congratulations to the Irish for beating the English by 247 to 232 VPs. In the 24 year history of the competition, the English have won fifteen times, the Irish nine. Full details of the match can be found here.

Next year's event is being hosted by Norfolk. If any club or county would like to host the event in 2019, please contact Peter Stocken at

The English teams (pictured) were:

  • Officials: Peter Stocken (Doncaster) & Philip Mason (Malton); Ron & Lesley Millet (Leeds)
  • County: Sue Gill & Matt Millson (Norfolk); Jim Deacon (Corby) & Mark Tilley (Stamford)
  • Club: Marcus Witt & Bill Chadwick (Stamford); Alan Coker & Doreen Simpson (Stamford)