EBED Sim Pairs raises over £11,000 for health project

The EBED Spring Simultaneous Pairs has recently finished, with over 130 clubs and 2300 pairs taking part. The event has raised over £11,000 which will be specifically used to help fund English Bridge Education and Development's work researching and promoting the health and social benefits of playing bridge. Thank you to all who took part.

Work on this project is already underway, with researchers at Stirling University preparing a survey which will gather information to look at the effect of playing bridge on the respondents' perception of various topics.

This is just the first stage of a larger project that will take place over the coming months and years. If you would like to continue to support EBED’s work one way to do so is by entering the EBED Autumn Sim Pairs which will take place 5th to 9th September.