Northern Midweek Congress

This event was introduced in 2013 to complement the southern version of this congress.

Last updated 24th August 2018


Year Winners
2013 Pat Davies & John Holland
2014 John Rudolf & Pauline Rudolf (picture)
2015 Stuart Davies & George Bak (picture)
2016 Jeff Smith & Jackie Pye (picture)
2017 Philip Wood & Graham Osborne (picture)
2018 Martin Taylor & Justin Hackett (picture)
2019 Alan Mould & John Holland


Year Winners
2013 Warner Solomon, John Holland, Taf Anthias, Pat Davies
2014 Robert Baker, Jacqueline Baker, Alan Bailey, Jette Bailey (picture)
2015 Richard Horsley, Jeff Calladine, John Shaw, Malcolm Young
2016 Graham Jepson, David Fletcher, Frank Littlewood, David Musson (picture)
2017 Mike Pownall, Mia Deschepper, Helen Houston & Steve Webb (picture)
2018 Pearl Murphy, Val Gibson, Martin Kane & Bill March (picture)
2019 Alan Jarvis, Tom Cohen, Alan Hayward & Robert Dixon