Davis & Taylor, and Thrower team, win at Scarborough Summer Congress

Ron Davis (Beds) & Bill Taylor (Hants & IoW) (see picture here) were the victors in the Scarborough Summer Congress's main event, winning the twelve round stratified Swiss Pairs event by just 2 VPs. They started the final session in a tie for 18th, but surged through the field, scoring 84 out of a possible 100 to finish on 173 VPs. Most significantly they won their final match against then-leaders John Hayton & Philip Clark (both Yorks) 19-1. This meant they not only vaulted John & Philip - relegating them to third with 168 VPs - but also Robin Jepson & Alan Brosgill (both Yorks), who finished second with 171 VPs.

The leading 'B stratification' pair were Ann Wilkins & Jeff Wilkins (both Lancs) and the leading 'C stratification' pair were Steve Roswald & Hamish Brown (both Yorks).

The Multiple Teams event was won by James Thrower, Daniel Winter, Tim Prior & Paul Brereton (all Yorks) (pictured). In a tightly contested final they finished just 2 IMPs ahead of the team of Barrie Partridge (Yorks), Linda MacFarlane, Michael Read & Nick Hodsdon (both Herts) - 12 IMPs covered the top eight places. The 'B' final was won by Bill Wattleworth, Liz Wattleworth, Veronica Petrie & Andrew Petrie (all Lancs) (see picture here), 30 IMPs clear of the field. The winners of the consolation event were Liz Commins, David Stevenson (both Mersey & Cheshire), Diane Kurbalija & Filip Kurbalija, playing in the yellow section. The team of Ajit Shivdasani (North East), Vijay Anand (Middlesex), Norman Gray & Rosemary Gray (both North East) were highest scorers in the blue section.

The Pre-Congress Pairs was won by Rob Richardson & Rosa Richardson (both Norfolk) (see picture here) with an impressive 67.49%. Jim Deacon & Robert Miller (both Northants) were second on 62.27%.

During the congress Jim Proctor, a Scarborough resident, received a commendation from the Yorkshire CBA following his retirement as an EBU TD after over 40 years of service (see picture here).