Rosen team leads Premier League

The first rounds of the Premier League took place in London on 22nd & 23rd October, and the Rosen team finished the weekend atop Division 1.

The team of Neil Rosen, Martin Jones, Kay Preddy & Norman Selway won six of their seven matches (losing only the first match of the competition) and finished on 89.45 VPs (Ian Draper & Jeremy Willans will play for the team on other weekends). The De Botton team are second on 82.87, with the Hinden team on 75.99.

Division 2 is being led by the team of Richard Bowdery, Ollie Burgess, Richard Hillman & Andrew Woodcock. They are on 75.26 VPs after six matches. The Harris team is second on 74.32 and the Penfold team is third on 73.65 VPs.

The second weekend of matches is 29th-30th October in Manchester. The event concludes in Solihull the following weekend.