Lib Dem leader gives support to VAT-free bridge

Tim Farron MP, leader of the Liberal Democrat party, has written to the EBU in support of our efforts to have bridge recognised as an activity on which no VAT should be charged for competition entries.

Writing to EBU Chairman, Jeremy Dhondy, Mr Farron said he "fully support(ed)" the EBU's efforts, and he would "take the opportunity to support the removal of VAT from entry fees for Bridge tournaments whenever possible".

Mr Farron has previously spoken out against the imposition on VAT on chess competitions, and has recognised the positive benefits of playing both mind sports. "In common with the 100+ sports and activities that are exempt from VAT, (bridge) provides a stimulating and useful way to spend leisure time", Mr Farron wrote. When speaking about the case involving chess he called on the government to "adopt a common sense approach".

The EBU's case has been referred to the European Court for a ruling on whether the European Union's directive that sporting activities should be exempt from VAT includes mind sports. As the decision can be applied retrospectively it is not believed that 'Brexit' will have any impact on the case. The date of the hearing is not yet known.