England 2nd after first weekend of Camrose Trophy

England are in second place after the first weekend of the Camrose Trophy. As host for the weekend, England put homefield advantage to good effect, picking up big wins in the first three matches. A come from behind victory in the fourth match set up a match versus Ireland with top spot at stake. The Irish got off to a strong start, but England kept the deficit small, so Ireland will travel to Scotland in March for second weekend with a narrow lead. Wales are in third, just over 20 VPs back.

England were represented by: Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson; Tony Forrester & David Bakhshi; Mike Bell & David Gold; NPC: Martin Jones

Martin contributed a few small articles to our blog, which is available here.

The competition concludes in Scotland on 3rd - 5th March. The team for the second weekend is: Frances Hinden & Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton & Chris Jagger, Neil Rosen & Martin Jones, NPC: David Burn; and they will be seeking to retain the trophy which England won emphatically in 2016.