Edwards team wins Silver Plate

The Edwards team, from Derbyshire, have won the Silver Plate, beating the Stevenson team in the final by a single IMP.

Richard Edwards, Alex Hogg, Peter Kelly & Robert Ross played for the winners in the final, with Don Smedley and John Griffin having also played for the team in earlier rounds. They led by 26 IMPs after one-third of the 48 board final, but the Stevenson team (David Stevenson, Liz Commins, Simon Edwards, Julian Merrill, Paddy Murphy, Paul Roberts - all Merseyside & Cheshire) pegged them back, and it was only the result on board 48 - a 12 IMP gain for Edwards - that saw the Derbyshire side take the trophy.

This was the second time this team of six have won the competition - the consolation event for those knocked out of the Gold Cup in the early stages - having been victorious in 2008. Alex and Peter also won in 1999.