EBU denied leave to appeal court ruling; VAT case to be heard in March

The EBU is disappointed to report that it has been denied leave to appeal the ruling given following 2015's Judicial Review of Sport England's definition of 'sport', and how it relates to bridge.

At the hearing which took place on Thursday (19th January) Lady Justice Macur determined that despite the arguments put forward by the EBU's legal team (which can be read here), there was insufficient prospect of the decision being overturned to warrant the court holding an appeal hearing.

This is the final action which the EBU will be taking in its current attempts to have Sport England recognise bridge as a 'sport'.

This decision has no impact on the VAT case which will go to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg on 2nd March. This was referred to the court by the British courts, in order to seek clarification on the EU's directive that no VAT should be charged on sporting activities, and whether this should apply to bridge. Bridge is already exempt from VAT in a number of EU countries, and it is in the interests of all member states for a clear definition to be sought. 'Brexit' will therefore have no affect on the case, and in addition a positive ruling could results in a rebate on VAT which has previously been paid.