NGS consultation - changes to note, and report now available

The consultation on the National Grading Scheme which took place earlier this year has concluded, and the board has considered the recommendations which were put forward by Gordon Rainsford following his collation and consideration of the responses received from clubs. Gordon's report is available for you to read.

The primary 'headlines' are:

  • The 'exemption' for hosts (and their partner, if they wish) will still be available.
  • 'Exemptions' must be registered with the EBU, via a section of MyEBU on the EBU website, as soon as the host knows they will be playing and wish to be exempt, and in any case no more than 30 minutes after the start of the game. They must also notify us via the scoring submission.
  • Clubs and members are reminded that the 'exemption' must be used appropriately, and the privilege can be removed from any individual club or member if it is misused.
  • Other suggested changes to the NGS were noted, and considered, and some may be revisited in future, but no further changes are to be made at the present time.

Any club which uses, or may in future use, the exemption, is asked to read the report and familiarise itself with the criteria which must be met. The information can also be circulated to anyone who acts as a 'host'.