Robertson team win Four Star Teams at Summer Meeting

The Four Star Teams at the Summer Meeting has been won by Marion Robertson, Mike Bell, Sarah Bell, Kieran Dyke & Michael Byrne. The final was contested by the eight top teams at the end of the third session of the Swiss Teams competition, in an 'all-play-all' format. The Robertson team finished on 96 VPs, with the team of Gunnar Hallberg, Phil King, Andrew Black & Willie Whittaker, tied with the team of Shahzaad Natt, Petar Ivanov, Stefano Tommasini & Kiril Delev for second place with 73 VPs.

The B Final - which featured the teams finished 9th to 16th in the Swiss Teams - was won by Rob Cliffe, Alan Mayo, Karen Pryor & Malcolm Pryor. Norman Selway, Kay Preddy, John Cox & Peter Taylor were second.

Four further matches were played today by those remaining in the Swiss Teams. The winners, earning the Brighton Bowl, were Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty, Mike Scoltock & Richard Fedrick. Adrian Orlowski, Laura Porro, Gad Chadha & Debbie Sandford were second.