Hinden team leads Premier League after first weekend

The team of Frances Hinden, Jeffrey Allerton, Michael Byrne, Kieran Dyke & Chris Jagger are leading Division 1 of the Premier League after the first weekend. They took a large lead on the first day but this was reduced to just 4.63 VPs on the second day by the Allfrey team (Alexander Allfrey, Mike Bell, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Graham Osborne & Andrew Robson) - in part by a large victory in the head-to-head match. The Rosen team lies third.

Division 2 is being led by the Morris team (Jeff Morris, John Hassett, Tom Slater & Alec Smalley, plus Catherine Draper & Andrew Woodcock joining the team later in the competition), 12.43 VPs ahead of the Dhondy team, with the Shields team in third.

The Gipson team (Paul Gipson, Alex Gipson, Sarah Bell & Alex Roberts, plus Simon Creasey & Graeme Robertson joining the team later in the competition) are ahead by just over 3 VPs in Division 3. The Igoe team is second, and the Porro team in third.

The second of the three weekends of matches takes place on 23rd-24th September. There will be coverage of Division 1 on BBO.

We are sorry for the problems with the coverage on BBO over the weekend. This was due to technical issues and operators being unavailable at short notice.