Tunbridge Wells A wins NICKO

Congratulations to the Tunbridge Wells A team who have won the 2016-17 National Inter-Club Knockout title. The team of Espen Erichsen, Helen Erichsen, Norman Selway, Andrew Cairns and Jeremy Willans won the final by 129 IMPs to 89 against Cheltenham D (picture).

Helen provided a report of a key hand from the match:

"Here is a hand where Tunbridge Wells gained a game swing.

Hand 7, Dlr S, Vul all

S K J 6
H A 2
D Q 10 9 6 5 3
C 5 3
S 9 7 5 2
H 8 4
D K 8 7
C Q 6 4 2
S 8 4
H K 10 9 7 6 5
C A 9 8 7
S A Q 10 3
H Q J 3
D A 4 2
C K J 10

At both tables, South was declarer in 3NT and received the H8 lead from West. It’s tempting to duck the HA and let the lead run around to the QJx but the consequences of doing this are disastrous. In one room Norman Selway, as East,won the HK and switched to a small club. Now Declarer cannot avoid losing five tricks. The HK, DK and 3 clubs.

But Espen Erichsen did not succumb to temptation. He saw the trap, rose with the HA, and played on diamonds immediately. That was 12 IMPs in the bag for Tunbridge Wells A."