Autumn Congress - change of venue on Friday afternoon

The EBU Autumn Congress takes place 20th - 22nd October.

Unfortunately the venue has told us that they are unable to provide us with the space for which we had contracted on Friday, until 5pm. Obviously we are very unhappy about this but have little alternative except to make other arrangements for the first session on Friday, which is what we have done.

So the first session on Friday - the first session of the Two Stars Pairs, and the Really Easy Afternoon - will take place at the Meadow Suite, Park House, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6UA, based on the Reading University Campus. There is plentiful car parking there a couple of minutes walk away and more limited parking closer to the entrance, which will be regulated by Bridge Overseas staff, for those of you who need better access:

  • More mobile participants please use car park 1A, accessed via the Shinfield Road entrance
  • Those requiring a closer parking space please use car parks 10, 9 or 15 and collect a ticket from Daniel of Bridge Overseas at 1pm to 1.40pm outside the bridge venue, Park House
  • Campus map with information provided by Bridge Overseas

At the end of the first session on Friday afternoon, we will return to the main venue where dinner will be availlable for all those staying there on half board and where the evening session and all subsequent sessions will take place. We have asked the venue staff to be prepared for a large number trying to check in at once, though it may work better for some to eat first and check in afterwards.

We expect that the majority of players will have their own transport and it is about a 15-20 minute drive between the two venues, but if you need transport from the University to Wokefield Estate at the end of the Friday afternoon session, please email us so that we can make appropriate arrangements for you. For those of you driving to Wokefield Estate, we had reports when we used this venue last year that some members’ satnavs took them to the wrong entrance, so do ensure you enter from Goodboys Lane. Parking there is free and plentiful for bridge players, whether or not you are staying there.

We apologise for any inconvenience that our enforced Friday arrangements may cause, but we hope those who are playing nevertheless have an enjoyable weekend.

This information has been emailed to all participants for whom we have an email address, but do please ensure that your partner or friends who may be playing on Friday are aware of this, especially if we might not have an email address for them.