Dhondy & Kendrick win Two Stars Pairs

The Two Stars Pairs - the primary event at the Autumn Congress - has been won by Jeremy Dhondy & David Kendrick though only after a tie-breaker. Ian Pagan & Catherine Seale finished the final on the same percentage score, but Jeremy & David took the title by virtue of a better score in the head-to-head match. Waseem Naqvi & Tony Waterlow were third. The leading Junior pair were Michael Alishaw & Stephen Kennedy, who finished 11th, and the leading non-expert pair were Niall Igoe & Susan Johnson who finished in 17th.

The Satellite Pairs - the 'B final' for the Two Stars Pairs - was won by Graham Sadie & Richard Granville with Tom Dessain & Tugrul Kaban in second.

The Two Stars Pairs was the second event in which points were scored in the 2017-18 Player of the Year Competition. The victory puts Jeremy & David in 13th= place.

Alongside the Two Star Pairs were two one-day events. A Swiss Pairs, for the Lewis Levy Cup, was won by Robert Elliott & John Sutcliffe (picture). In an exciting finish, they beat Nathalie Shashou & Nick Sandqvist in the final match, to jump above their opponents by a single VP.

A Really Easy Afternoon, for less experienced players, was won by Stephen Mattinson & Lynda Mattinson, who played at the Reading heat. Beryl Manners & Margaret Tree, who played at the Lymington heat, finished second, with the prize for the leading B stratification pair going to Tim Macaire & Dee Jones (who also played at Lymington).

The teams competition featured a qualifying round followed by three finals. The 'A' final, for the Eastbourne Bowl, was won by the team of Gunnar Hallberg, Andrew Black, Phil King & Andrew McIntosh (picture) with the Shashou team in second. Jeremy Dhondy & David Kendrick completed a good weekend by teaming up with Patrick Collins & Bill Hirst to win the 'B' final, for the Burlington Cup (picture). The 'C' final, for the Sussex Cup, was won by Sandra Nicholson, Krys Kazmierczak, Rita Todd & Liza Furnival (picture).