Simultaneous Pairs prize winners - 2017

Event winners

The overall winner of each event in the EBED Spring & Autumn Simultaneous Pairs, and the British Simultaneous Pairs Events, won £50 per pair.

Event Date Pair Club
British Winter Sim Pairs Monday 9th January Graham Wells and Ian Willmott Ringwood Bridge Club
Tuesday 10th January Amanda Barnes and John Hirons New Hertford Bridge Club
Wednesday 11th January Ken Hassell and Ian Kane Marple Duplicate Bridge Club
Thursday 12th January Ian Reeves and Tony Bartlett Eden Bridge Club
British Spring Sim Pairs Monday 3rd April Bernard Farrell and Philip Waring Deva Bridge Club
Tuesday 4th April David Gillespie and Ray Burnett Bexhill Bridge Club
Wednesday 5th April Jeremy Willans and Jill Skinner Cross In Hand Bridge Club
Thursday 6th April Mike Skelly and Rob Simpson Wimbledon Bridge Club
EBED Spring Sim Pairs Monday 8th May Steve Hollister and Chris Williams Bracknell Forest Bridge Club
Tuesday 9th May Mike Toft and Ron King Trowbridge County Town Bridge Club
Wednesday 10th May Daniel McIntosh and Rudi Falla CICBA (Guernsey) Bridge Club
Thursday 11th May David Dawson and Jeremy Fitzpatrick Selsdon Bridge Club
British Summer Sim Pairs Monday 24th July Steve Auchterlonie and Mark Benson Folkestone Duplicate Bridge Club
Tuesday 25th July Roger Chapman and Geoff Paddle Prestbury Duplicate Bridge Club
Wednesday 26th July Kanti Shah and Bina Shah South London Oshwal Bridge Club
Thursday 27th July Gabriel Ip and Giles Ip West Midlands Bridge Club Limited
EBED Autumn Sim Pairs Monday 4th September Maggie Conway and Ann Binder Horley Bridge Club
Tuesday 5th September Denise Baxter and Moira Maslin Pembury Bridge Club
Wednesday 6th September Jackie Rumball and Meredith Case Victoria Bridge Club
Thursday 7th September Alan Webber and Mick Edwards Caterham Bridge Club
Friday 8th SeptemberPhilip Bennett and Hugh Gross Devizes Bridge Club
British Autumn Sim Pairs Monday 2nd October Peter Oake and Dennis Valtisiaris Hutton Duplicate Bridge Club
Tuesday 3rd October Tom Fisken and Andrew Thompson Newport Bridge Club
Wednesday 4th October Daniel McIntosh and Robert Plumley CICBA (Guernsey) Bridge Club
Thursday 5th October Piotr Fedzin and Maciej Jaworski Blackheath Bridge Club

Pairs prize draw winners

The winners of every heat – i.e. the pair within each club which achieves the best national score in their club in any event – hosted by an affiliated club, or by a club from another ‘home nation’ were
entered into a prize draw. The winners at any participating unaffiliated English clubs were not included. This therefore included the heat winners of all EBU organised events – i.e. the EBED Spring & Autumn Simultaneous Pairs, the British Simultaneous Pairs Events, the Bridge England Simultaneous Pairs, and the Club Stratified Simultaneous Pairs. The winners were selected at random at the 2017 AGM.

Players Club
1st Prize - £1000 per pair Cliff Short & Anne Short Hemel Hempstead Bridge Club
2nd Prize - £500 per pair Frances Moor & Peter Edwards Deben Bridge Club
3rd Prize - £200 per pair Jim Ramadan & Charles Broughton-Pipkin Petersfield Bridge Club
Runners-up prizes - £100 per pair Tony Ratcliff & Julian Pottage Bridgend Duplicate Bridge Club
David Newman & Alistair Brown Young Chelsea Bridge Club
Maurice Lynn & John Hill City of Lincoln Bridge Club
Ray Harper & Russell Day Winscombe & District Bridge Club
Sam Nim & Amirul Islam Woodberry Bridge Club
Janet Porter & Brian Hope Peterborough Bridge Club
David Hole & David Friswell CICBA (Jersey) Bridge Club
Peter Russell & Jo Murray Abingdon Duplicate Bridge Club
Ian Hogarth & Rod Brown Cairngorm Bridge Club
Alan Mcmullen & Robin Burgess New Hertford Bridge Club

Club prize draw winners

Every club which hosted a heat of any EBU organised event was included in this prize draw, excluding any participating unaffiliated English clubs. The draw was made at the 2017 AGM.

1st Prize - £1000 York Bridge Club Yorkshire
2nd Prize - £500 Lines Bridge Club Cambs & Hunts
3rd Prize - £200 Stamford Bridge Club Northamptonshire
Runners-up prizes - £100 Cambridge Bridge Club Cambs & Hunts
Bewdley Bridge Club Worcestershire
Lingfield & Dormans Bridge Club Surrey
Dorking Bridge Club Surrey
Wrexham Garden Village Bridge Club Wales
Welwyn Garden City Bridge Club Hertfordshire
Sutton Coldfield Bridge Club Warwickshire
Tyler Hill Bridge Club Kent
Noverre Bridge Club Norfolk
Newport Bridge Club Staffs & Shrops