Give our online games a try over Christmas

Christmas is a great time to try our online games with Funbridge.

As well as the usual games we have on Saturdays and Sundays there are also two extra games on Boxing Day and on New Year's Day. You can choose to play in a game scored by match points, or by IMPs, or in both. As you partner one of Funbridge's 'robots', and play against two other robots, you can play at any time between midnight and 10pm, and you can stop and restart as often as you want. It's ideal for the gaps between games of charades or while waiting for the sprouts to boil.

Acol is one of the bidding systems available for you to choose, and you can set which conventions and carding methods you and your robotic partner play.

The games cost €2 (when bought through the Funbridge website - by charging in Euros we can charge less than £2), and Master Points can be won. There is also a monthly competition with cash prizes. The games are open to everyone.

We hope you will take part. Please see the FAQ for more details on the games and for information on how to play.