2018-2023 strategy document developed

The EBU Board considered all responses to the consultation through Counties on its draft 2018-2023 strategy document at its meeting on 21st March. Most Counties seemed content with the overall strategy. There were, however, a number of constructive suggestions to clarify the approach, and many of these have been included in a revised document which the Board has now agreed. It will be published later in the spring and will be included in the June edition of English Bridge.

In particular the Board has taken on the need to be clearer that this is a directional document, that needs to be underpinned by firm operational plans, whilst also taking heed of the advice not to over-stretch limited and often voluntary resources i.e. the implementation of the strategy needs to be phased with the most urgent items perhaps being investing in seeking new members, including juniors, and in a more structured approach to teaching through EBED. With this in mind the 2018/9 budget, which was agreed at the same Board meeting, has been drawn up accordingly, whilst seeking counterbalancing economies in other areas.