All 3 England teams qualify for World Championships!

England's campaign at the European Team Championships has ended with all three teams qualifying for the World Championships. Although no medals will be coming back across The Channel, England can be pleased to be one of four European nations represented in all three competitions in China next year.

The Senior team had out-performed many expectations by lying within a VP of second place before the final day. That results went against them on the final day, seeing them slide down to eighth, should not detract from the good performance of a team all making their debuts at this level. France were the convincing winners.

The Women's team fell tantalising short of another international medal, finishing just 2.56 VPs behind the bronze medal place. But for a team which at one stage was 20th of the 23 teams, their strong comeback to finish in fifth will be a consolation. Scotland also qualified, finishing in seventh, and the competition was won by Poland.

Like the Women, the Open team had to recover from indifferent early results. Rarely in the top ten in the first week, the team remained resilient, and found form in time to record eight victories in the last ten matches and move up the table. They finished seventh, with Norway taking the top prize.

The NPC's have written blogs from the event, and can be seen here.

Well done to all the teams, which were: While the opening rounds of the competition for the Open Teams took place, there were Women's and Seniors' Pairs competitions. The leading English performers were Fiona Brown & Helen Erichsen who finished 10th.

England's most recent results:
Fri 15th, 09:0028Lithuania
10.31 ‑ 9.69
15.74 ‑ 4.26
10.91 ‑ 9.09
Fri 15th, 12:2029Croatia
18.97 ‑ 1.03
10.61 ‑ 9.39
15.38 ‑ 4.62
Fri 15th, 15:1030Sweden
13.04 ‑ 6.96
9.39 ‑ 10.61
16.42 ‑ 3.58
Sat 16th, 09:0031Norway
10.91 ‑ 9.09
7.20 ‑ 12.80
0.75 ‑ 19.25
Sat 16th, 11:4032Bulgaria
16.88 ‑ 3.12
15.00 ‑ 5.00
4.62 ‑ 15.38
Sat 16th, 15:1033France
5.40 ‑ 14.60
18.09 ‑ 1.91
10.00 ‑ 10.00
RR Total381.80272.54235.38
Position7 / 335 / 238 / 22