Commons beat Lords in dramatic finish

There was drama yesterday at the Houses of Parliament. No, we don't mean the resignation of a cabinet minister, but rather the final stages of the annual Lords v Commons bridge match. After the first set of six boards the Lords led by 31 IMPs, and they were 32 up at halftime. The Commons team rallied in the second half and the match ultimately hinged on the result of board 24 at the final table. Excitement built as word got round the waiting players that the contract was a doubled slam. If it had been defeated the Lords would have won, but when it was made the Commons had completed an unlikely comeback, and retained the trophy.

Congratulations to (pictured left to right): Evan Harris, Michael Mates, Robin Squire, Bob Blackman (capt), Tommy Sheppard, Tony McWalter, David Harris, Robin Lawson and Steve Barnett.

The award for the best play in the competition, judged by Tom Townsend, went to Lord Howard and Baroness Henig (see picture here).

Unfortunately due to ill-health Lord Kalms was unable to act as sponsor this year; the match was generously sponsored by Baroness Henig and Baroness Byford, with the House of Lords bridge group sponsoring the refreshments at the end of the match.

A hand commentary for the event, written by Heather Dhondy, is available below.