Simultaneous Pairs prize winners - 2018

Event winners

The overall winner of each event in the EBED Spring & Autumn Simultaneous Pairs, and the British Simultaneous Pairs Events, won £50 per pair.

Event Date Pair Club
British Winter Sim Pairs Monday 8th January Bhuma Rangarajan and Easter David Wimbledon Bridge Club
Tuesday 9th January Paul Lamford and Colin Elliott Woodberry Bridge Club
Wednesday 10th January Denis Talbot and Kathy Talbot Oxford Bridge Club CIO
Thursday 11th January Linda Radford and Bob Shilling Ashford (Kent) Bridge Club
British Spring Sim Pairs Monday 9th April Alan Coker and Ray Causton Orton Bridge Club
Tuesday 10th April Keith Boulton and Barry Blyth Prestbury Duplicate Bridge Club
Wednesday 11th April Robert Plumley and Daniel McIntosh CICBA (Guernsey) Bridge Club
Thursday 12th April Ken Smith and Janet Jacques Allestree Bridge Club
EBED Spring Sim Pairs Monday 30th April Steve Auchterlonie and Mark Benson Folkestone Duplicate Bridge Club
Tuesday 1st May Robert Miller and John Walshaw Kettering Bridge Club
Wednesday 3rd May Mike Rounds and Sue Dyball Worthing Bridge Club
Thursday 4th May Les Hoy and Mike Tomlinson Poulton Bridge Club
British Summer Sim Pairs Monday 23rd July Di Barker and David Barker Morpeth Bridge Club
Tuesday 24th July Tony Hough and Robert Miller Kettering Bridge Club
Wednesday 25th July Richard Holt and Richard Bridgen Chalfont Bridge Club
Thursday 26th July Giles Ip and Andy Cope West Midlands Bridge Club Limited
EBED Autumn Sim Pairs Monday 3rd September Steve Auchterlonie and Malcolm Lewis Folkestone Duplicate Bridge Club
Tuesday 4th September Jackie Davies and John Neville Leverstock Green Bridge Club
Wednesday 5th September Daniel McIntosh and Rudi Falla CICBA (Guernsey) Bridge Club
Thursday 6th September Richard Wheen and Vanessa Sadler Buckland Bridge Club
Friday 7th SeptemberDavid Beckingham and Julia Fauvel Island Bridge Club
British Autumn Sim Pairs Monday 1st October Robert Teesdale and Arni Anidjar-Romain Welwyn Garden City Bridge Club
Tuesday 2nd October Robert Miller and John Walshaw Kettering Bridge Club
Wednesday 3rd October Paul Spencer and Marc Chawner Thorpe Bay Bridge Club
Thursday 4th October Tim Durdin and Mark Tilley Stamford Bridge Club

Pairs prize draw winners

The winners of every heat – i.e. the pair within each club which achieves the best national score in their club in any event – hosted by an affiliated club, or by a club from another ‘home nation’ were entered into a prize draw. The winners at any participating unaffiliated English clubs were not included. This therefore included the heat winners of all EBU organised events – i.e. the EBED Spring & Autumn Simultaneous Pairs, the British Simultaneous Pairs Events, the Bridge England Simultaneous Pairs, and the Club Stratified Simultaneous Pairs. The winners were selected at random at the 2018 AGM.

Players Club
1st Prize - £1000 per pair Roger Poulter & Mark Denny Eastbourne Bridge Club
2nd Prize - £500 per pair Sue Cretch & Phil Cretch Alton Bridge Club
3rd Prize - £200 per pair Sandra Nicholson & Krys Kazmierczak Summertown Bridge Club
Runners-up prizes - £100 per pair Norman Botton & Ian Dalrymple Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club
Stephen Martin & Chris Waye Hungerford Bridge Club
Trevor Timms & Beng Brewster Stratford-upon-Avon Bridge Club
Kiat Huang & Graham Marshall Louth Duplicate Bridge Club
Rosemary Jackson & Simon Smith Eden Bridge Club
Evelyn Knight & Sonja O'Neill Penventon Bridge Club
Susan Crawford & Iain MacKenzie Reading Bridge Club

Club prize draw winners

Every club which hosted a heat of any EBU organised event was included in this prize draw, excluding any participating unaffiliated English clubs. The draw was made at the 2018 AGM.

1st Prize - £1000 Maidstone Bridge Club Kent
2nd Prize - £500 British Airways Bridge Club Middlesex
3rd Prize - £200 Bletchingley Bridge Club Surrey
Runners-up prizes - £100 Morpeth Bridge Club North East
Whitby Bridge Club North East
Newport Bridge Club Hants & IOW
3 Counties Bridge Club Surrey
Tain Bridge Club Scotland
Torquay Bridge Club Devon
Summertown Bridge Club Oxfordshire